Canadian Land Surface Scheme including Biogeochemical Cycles
ASCII to NetCDF CO2 file loader

The ghgASCIILoader program takes in ASCII GHG files and converts them to NetCDF format.


To compile, use the make command from the console. This will generate the binary executable in the bin folder.


To run the program, use the following command:

bin/ghgASCIILoader [ghg name, e.g. CO2] [input file]

Where ghg name is either 'CO2' or 'CH4' and the input file is an ASCII text file with year and GHG mole fraction. Expected units for both are ppmv.


The text GHG file is expected to look like this:

      1700  276.59
      1701  276.62
      1702  276.65
      1703  276.67
      1704  276.70