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ECCC CLASSIC Scientific Development Team

  • Joe Melton
    • Community involvement with CLASSIC
    • High latitude processes
    • Representation of sub-grid heterogeneity
    • Methane
    • Fire
  • Vivek Arora
    • Climate-vegetation interactions
    • Biogeochemical cycles in terrestrial ecosystem models
    • Climate-carbon interactions in Earth system models.
  • Paul Bartlett
    • Evaluation and development of CLASSIC
    • Modelling snow processes
    • Vegetation-snow interaction
    • Surface energy, water and carbon budget modelling and measurement
  • Christian Seiler
    • Terrestrial ecosystem modelling
    • Model evaluation
    • Climate dynamics
  • Libo Wang
    • Representation of land cover
    • Diagnose model bias in northern environment
    • Snow-albedo feedback
  • Gesa Meyer (Post-doctoral Researcher)
    • Shrub ecosystem processes (high latitudes and semi-arid/arid regions)
    • Surface water and energy balance
  • Sian Kou-Giesbrecht (Post-doctoral Researcher)
    • Biogeochemical cycles
    • Nitrogen limitation
    • Biological nitrogen fixation
  • Sal Curasi (Post-doctoral Researcher)
    • COHERENT-C community involvement
    • Canadian terrestrial carbon cycling
    • High latitude and arctic ecosystems


ECCC CLASSIC Technical Development Team

  • Ed Chan
  • Mike Brady